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Life is a Journey

Almost two years ago, we left NYC and moved across the country to Venice Beach! Not sure what has taken me so long to talk about this fun adventure we chose to take... It sure has been a wild and fun ride though! Since moving here, we planned a wedding, faced two periods of unemployment, got married, took our honeymoon to Maui and Kauai, and decided to take our lives and futures into our own hands. This post will be dedicated to our decision to take a leap and move to Los Angeles. First, we just decided to jump and live a more laid back and nature filled life... without the promise of a job! How scary and exhilarating!! We made the decision when we wanted to go hiking one morning in NYC and it took us two whole hours just to get out of the city. A few days later we watched a documentary called When the Iron Bird Flies (amazing film and well worth your time!!) and decided that we were not living our truths and decided right then and there that we needed to escape the concrete jungle,