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A Decade

10 years ago I was introduced to yoga 9 years ago I expanded my horizons by traveling across Europe for 10 weeks visiting  28 cities in 15 countries 8 years ago I was diagnosed with a serious medical condition that I have since healed naturally 7 years ago I traveled to my ancestral homeland of Italy and developed overdue bonds with my sister 6 years ago I traveled to Costa Rica alone, realized it was my life's calling and passion to share yoga, graduated with my MBA and completed my first yoga teacher training program 5 years ago I packed my four bags, left my hometown of Houston, Texas, moved to NYC and continued my endeavor for growth 4 years ago I moved in with my best friend and love of my life 3 years ago I grieved when a friend who was like a little brother, one of my closest girlfriends, my dad and my dog departed this earthly plane. I completed my second yoga teacher training program and backpacked across the Himalayas of Northern India where I learned more about m

A Love Story

I have not yet mentioned here on this platform how my husband and I became that - husband and wife! What a fun ride and a story I love to share. Josh lived in NYC and visited his family in Houston where I lived for Christmas 2011. He grew up with my best friend Christina in Saudi Arabia and she dragged me out to meet him for a drink. I had zero interest in going out that night but relented after Christina made a bit of a stink about it. Boy am I glad I did!! I can still see Josh walking out of his parents house to get into the car in my mind's eye very clearly - he was very good looking and wore a plaid button-down shirt. He and I immediately hit it off and he came to the yoga class that I taught two days later even though he had never been to a yoga class before, ever! It was so sweet and I was touched, not only was he hot but he was adventurous and clearly interested in me too. Three months later, I moved to NYC!! I visited him twice during that time between our meeting and

Life is a Journey

Almost two years ago, we left NYC and moved across the country to Venice Beach! Not sure what has taken me so long to talk about this fun adventure we chose to take... It sure has been a wild and fun ride though! Since moving here, we planned a wedding, faced two periods of unemployment, got married, took our honeymoon to Maui and Kauai, and decided to take our lives and futures into our own hands. This post will be dedicated to our decision to take a leap and move to Los Angeles. First, we just decided to jump and live a more laid back and nature filled life... without the promise of a job! How scary and exhilarating!! We made the decision when we wanted to go hiking one morning in NYC and it took us two whole hours just to get out of the city. A few days later we watched a documentary called When the Iron Bird Flies (amazing film and well worth your time!!) and decided that we were not living our truths and decided right then and there that we needed to escape the concrete jungle,