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Tech Attack

Recently I was thinking about how quickly I can jump from one thought, feeling/emotion, desire, to another and found that deeply unsettling. How are we ever to find joy and peace in such a dynamic state - when our whims and desires are subject to the next passing fancy? Many say this "ADD" is heightened by the so-called age of technology. Sometimes I feel that this age of technology has separated us from grasping what is important in life - those underlying ideologies, values and thought processes, but then other times I feel strongly that it can actually do quite the opposite - it can help us discover our own. Gramercy Park, NYC; Fairytale I was chatting with a friend the other evening who decided to just leave Texas and go to Australia with her husband and young child for 3 months - just because. She is able to do this because of technology and working remotely - how awesome! She mentioned that most people would think she is crazy for doing this, but I say those othe