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Perfect Imperfection

I've been reading a wonderful book by Brene Brown, "The Gifts of Imperfection". This book has specifically imparted upon me thus far that the key to living in a whole-hearted, happy, joyful, grateful, way is to embrace vulnerability. Spending time lately working a bit on my blog design and working on posts, I found myself getting nervous and thinking some of those negative things that the author mentions like "I am not ______ enough to have a great blog space" or "Who am I to write on a public platform?". These limiting beliefs have unfortunately lead to sporadic posts and dozens of drafts gone unpublished. A beautiful thing has happened though as a result of my reading this book, awareness. Awareness that I was running away from vulnerability. Awareness of the actual root of not posting; that I wasn't too busy as I had told myself, but that I was afraid of being vulnerable, being judged and not good enough. Those terrible little "gremlins