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While riding the 5 train downtown in the standard sardine fashion typical of a weekday morning at 8am, I was mindlessly occupying myself with a game of Bejeweled. The gentleman standing next to me, errrr, on top of me (who I am sure could not help but look on upon my game) said, "Are you winning?" Honestly, I am quite surprised I had managed to hear and understand him over my ear-buds which were invariably emitting some indie song, but like I said, we were very close. Nonetheless, I pulled out a single bud and responded, "You don't really win this game, you just get as many points as you can before you lose". "And then what happens? Do you start all over again?" he asked. "Well yes, actually you do. You hope to get a better score in the next game." I replied. The train then stopped at my destination, the Wall Street Station, where I wished him a good day and continued to ponder the conversation. What is the point of playing a game whi