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Himachal Pradesh, India: The Land of the Gods

Chandratal, Lake of the Moon I don't have the adequate words to describe the beauty and wonders of the Indian Himalayas and the Himachal Pradesh in a meaningful or comprehensible way. The diverse and remarkable landscape, scenery, culture, food, people and experience are beyond measure. What at first glimpse seems like complete disarray reveals itself as organized chaos - much more organized than a westerner might expect. I must admit that I, initially, had slight reservations about the trip in monsoon season; there is a great likelihood of landslides and floods on the perilous roads after all. I like to think that we were blessed with the beautiful unimpeded journey that we had. Blessed not only because we held positive thoughts, but also because it was due, dammit. After the loss of three close and precious souls in only four months, it was time for good things. Jamaica's Campsite at Chandratal with Rishi & Raju After reading countless travel experiences

Perfect Imperfection

I've been reading a wonderful book by Brene Brown, "The Gifts of Imperfection". This book has specifically imparted upon me thus far that the key to living in a whole-hearted, happy, joyful, grateful, way is to embrace vulnerability. Spending time lately working a bit on my blog design and working on posts, I found myself getting nervous and thinking some of those negative things that the author mentions like "I am not ______ enough to have a great blog space" or "Who am I to write on a public platform?". These limiting beliefs have unfortunately lead to sporadic posts and dozens of drafts gone unpublished. A beautiful thing has happened though as a result of my reading this book, awareness. Awareness that I was running away from vulnerability. Awareness of the actual root of not posting; that I wasn't too busy as I had told myself, but that I was afraid of being vulnerable, being judged and not good enough. Those terrible little "gremlins


While riding the 5 train downtown in the standard sardine fashion typical of a weekday morning at 8am, I was mindlessly occupying myself with a game of Bejeweled. The gentleman standing next to me, errrr, on top of me (who I am sure could not help but look on upon my game) said, "Are you winning?" Honestly, I am quite surprised I had managed to hear and understand him over my ear-buds which were invariably emitting some indie song, but like I said, we were very close. Nonetheless, I pulled out a single bud and responded, "You don't really win this game, you just get as many points as you can before you lose". "And then what happens? Do you start all over again?" he asked. "Well yes, actually you do. You hope to get a better score in the next game." I replied. The train then stopped at my destination, the Wall Street Station, where I wished him a good day and continued to ponder the conversation. What is the point of playing a game whi