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Bubbly Bubbles

Bubbles are funny, glorious, and beautiful things. Perfect in and of themselves; their nature necessitates their perfection. Encapsulated spheres, self-contained and free to whimsically float with the wind. Yet, these little entities can be so easily popped, destroyed and reduced to a liquid mist. Their supreme fragility lends an interesting parallel to how some of us tend to live our lives; floating around supremely until some outside force suddenly shifts our course or pops our reality and effectively alters our moods, feelings and subsequently our thoughts. Instead of allowing outside forces to affect our reality, we must learn to always be self-contained perfection and beauty. From within lies the strength and clarity which enables us to live our lives fully, wholly, happily and with purpose. We mustn't allow other people's perceptions of us/the world or actions govern our reality.  Rather, those of us who identify with bubbles should shift to marbles :) Still self-con