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So Much To Do, So Little Time

Absolutely can not at all believe that I have already been living in this city for almost four weeks. The time has completely flown by and I've had such an amazing time here. Each day is characterized by a new experience, adventure or growth in knowledge, and I have even been lucky to experience some of it with my loved ones. My mom and little brother (I say little but he is bigger than me these days) came to visit for St. Patrick's Day. My cousin was also here that weekend, my second cousin and great aunt came to town the next weekend and I was fortunate enough to spend time with all of them. In the last 3 weeks, I have been extremely busy. Saw Wicked - which was absolutely amazing!! (I was even teary eyed a few times throughout the show). Went for a bike ride through Central Park, have been to the amazing Equinox gym nearly nightly (yoga, zumba, cross-training etc), spent quite a bit of time in Brooklyn, and enjoyed the beautiful 70 degree weather along the pier outside of

The Journey has Begun

I've now lived in the city for one week and certainly wasted no time in getting acquainted with coworkers or my new part of town (including amazing restaurants and, of course, yoga studios). Monday morning, I disembarked from the 5 train at Wall Street at 8am and emerged at the front of a stunning cathedral. There was an instant realization and drop in my stomach when I realized that I was now working off of Wall Street. The buildings are architecturally stunning and remind me of Europe. This is exactly what I've always wanted, to work in such a revered and beautiful area- I have actually made it! The walk to my new office building was accompanied by sweaty palms, nerves and gazing into the Tiffany store. I was met at the office by my new mentor, T, who I immediately realized will be key in my new position and the future of my career. Fortunately, the two of us get along very well and there will be a lot of learning occurring within the next several months- even years. The