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Endless Possibilities

Only eight days from stepping into my new life- my next adventure. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted nothing more than to move away from this city and experience something new, something profound, inspiring even. And now, at a fresh twenty-five years old, I'm seizing the opportunity to do just that. Following my dreams and moving to the only city (other than Paris) that I can remember yearning to live in since childhood. I must admit that my career goals may have shifted a bit since then, no longer dreaming of starring in Broadway musicals or getting record deals- but I am following my essential dream, to be successful.

Now of course one can be highly successful in Houston, but having lived primarily in this city for the last twenty-two years, a change is overdue. I have the best friends and family that a gal could want, but still, I have always had the yearning and desire to live somewhere else. Just get up and go because why the hell not? And this year, I have come to that juncture of choosing the norm or making a life changing decision. (Funny how this decision was so easy to make... I can't even choose what to eat for dinner, but when it comes to making a life altering decision-- no problem!)

When the decision was made to make the move, I had no job secured, no living situation and a handful of friends in the city- still, I felt this determination to make it happen. There was an unwavering conviction that it would work out, that it was going to be fine no matter what, and that it was the exact adventure that I have been eager to embark upon for years. Besides, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

My father shared with me some wise words, oftentimes he solicits heartfelt hippie advice that is frequently incoherent, but this time it rang true with me. I was expaining to him that I had nothing lined up but was planning on making the move regardless. He said "If it flows, it is meant to happen. If it feels coerced, forced and met by many obstacles it may not be the right time." Now I know that nothing in life that is worth attaining is easy, but there is a degree of truth in his words. When doors open, you have to walk through them and explore what lies in the room behind them. And that it exactly what has happened for me over the last two months.So when the idea of the move became more solidified in January, when interviews, connections, and opportunities became the norm, I knew I was making the right decision.

I have had this amazingly strong feeling steadily through this entire process that everything is happening exactly as it is meant to at all times, that I am exactly where I am meant to be all of the time. When you have this faith, it is astonishing what possibilities open up to us and shine their light. Being the infinite beings that we are, if we are open to all of the possibilities and tear down the walls that we have built up over the years, we are more able to easily access the infinite consciousness that is life all around us. When we can access this, we are more able to easily realize that we are infinite beings, capable of anything.  The only reason why we think there are impossibilities in this world is because we accept them as such, impossible. But what if we dont accept this? What if we accept that there are no impossibilities? Imagine the endless opportunities!! I love the power of our minds. Believe with an unwavering conviction that all things are possible and watch your paths illuminate. Follow your bliss. I know that I am- and this is only the beginning.

Prem and Prakash.


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