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Endless Possibilities

Only eight days from stepping into my new life- my next adventure. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted nothing more than to move away from this city and experience something new, something profound, inspiring even. And now, at a fresh twenty-five years old, I'm seizing the opportunity to do just that. Following my dreams and moving to the only city (other than Paris) that I can remember yearning to live in since childhood. I must admit that my career goals may have shifted a bit since then, no longer dreaming of starring in Broadway musicals or getting record deals- but I am following my essential dream, to be successful. Now of course one can be highly successful in Houston, but having lived primarily in this city for the last twenty-two years, a change is overdue. I have the best friends and family that a gal could want, but still, I have always had the yearning and desire to live somewhere else. Just get up and go because why the hell not? And this year, I have come