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Take Control of You

Sometimes, I seem to so easily forget what is important and lose track of my goals.  To some others I may sometimes seem as though I am all over the place and am always changing my mind about what I want to do and where I want to be. The truth is, I am just trying to find my way and my place. I just want to be happy and enjoy this short life on this earth as much as humanly possible. If that doesn't correspond with what others want from me, then that is their problem, not mine. My problem has been that I take on everyone else's issues as my own and they end up bogging me down and cluttering my path to realization. Simply put, I am just totally uninterested in particapating in the status quo. Fortunately, I have supportive friends and family who realize that my plans, while seemingly flighty at times, are important to me. I am still finding my way. I don't think that I will ever quit this endeavor to remain blissful and complete at all times. While, I know that where I am