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Cinnamon Shopping Obsession

This month is only a few days in, and already I've exhausted both my credit card and calorie budgets with  shopping and Cinnamon spiced treats. I should seriously consider purchasing shares in LuluLemon, Anthropologie, and DSW as well as the Indiana KettleCorn Company because their Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn is SINFUL! and I love it! :) Last night I taught a paid yoga class for the very first time. I felt so silly because I was nervous again, for the first time since my very first intern class. I have been fortunate enough to be hired by Joy to teach two classes a week and one is an intermediate. I'm not sure if I was nervous because it was intermediate level, because I am being paid now and there is a certain additional level of expectation in that situation, or maybe both. But it was super exciting and I tried to twist in some extra arm balances and invesions in the flow. It was so much fun! :) I love teaching. It just feels so beautiful and natural to share the grace and love