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S. Padre Surf for Labor Day

As a preface... I am one of those people who prefer to stay "blissfully ignorant" of world affairs, politics and current events because they are generally depressing and I would just rather be removed from having to worry about them.  I realize that that may be a naive way of looking at the world but I just personally tend to appreciate this ignorance. My world is all butterflies, flowers and lollipops and I prefer it this way for the time being.

That being said, when Nathan invited me to go surfing with him in S. Padre last weekend because there was a "storm in the gulf creating some swells", I had absolutely no idea that it was in fact a pretty severe storm that was in the gulf.  I just find that to be pretty humorous that I had absolutely no idea. Christina said to me "I know you don't watch the news, but you should AT LEAST watch the Weather Channel" hehe

Anyway, the surf was choppy! We missed the good clean waves on Saturday morning since we couldn't leave Houston until that morning because I teach a yoga class at Joy on Friday nights at 6pm. Which, by the way, is going beautifully! I feel myself becoming more and more in touch with my personal facilitating style and I love every minute that I share the beauty, grace, unity and love that is yoga with others. :) YAY!

So surfing was not what you might call especially successful, but I had such a great time out there anyway and that is all that counts for me. I caught a few rides and proud to say that my lessons in Costa Rica have paid off as I had no problem with my pop-ups :)

Also, the trip was super fun! I couldn't have asked for a better person with whom to take the 6 hour drive! It is amazing how time can go by so super fast when two people have such a great connection and able to talk about so many different things. It was a fantastically phenomenal weekend.

Love and Light.


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