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Life is Short, Enjoy the Ride!

I noticed recently that working a great full time job, teaching my passion (yoga) five days a week, training for a half-marathon, and spending time with my beautiful friends has introduced a little bit of a hectic element to my life. I have begun to trapse back down that spooky dark corridor that I would prefer to refrain from coming close to... stress. I took a step back to think, "Why are you letting these fantastic aspects of your splendid life create a negative feeling inside you?" I realized that I was reverting temporarily to my old means of life management rather than appreciating this wonderful journey on which I have embarked.  I am so grateful to see this and feel enlightened at the fact that I can choose my reactions and reflect on the beauty of life and enjoy the ride rather than turn it into something negative by looking at it negatively, as stress. There is absolutely no reason to stress over anything EVER. Everything happens for a reason and it all works out in the end, always. Take comfort in the fact that if you live your life happily, positively, and encourage loving thoughts, you powerfully impact your life and the lives of those around you in a profoundly phenomenal way.

So many times we get bogged down in the day-to-day and forget to fully appreciate those small things that make life so wonderful and fun to live. We overanalyze our to-do lists, our futures, our pasts... rather than living in the present moment and fully appreciating it for what it is.... perfect. We need to take solace in the fact that where ever we are RIGHT NOW is exactly where we are meant to be. Sometimes we think "I will be happy once__________" (you fill in the blank) but then what happens when we achieve that goal? We put off that happiness to the next goal rather than just accepting our present state and appreciating it for exactly what it is, perfection.

I think it is worth noting that even though we are exactly where we are meant to be, it is important that we learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others in order to grow as individuals. We should reflect on these situations without passing judgment and objectively see the lessons that we can learn from them. It makes me so happy to share my life with other like-minded people who appreciate life for what it is and continually strive to improve themselves. The optimism in this world is contagious, but so is the pessimism. What do you want to be responsible for sharing? Pessimism or Optimism? It is your choice. I choose optimism. Think about how much more fun you have when you are smiling and enthusiastic than when you are frowning or discouraged. Your positive thoughts change the world around you, truly they do. It is the most amazing feeling when someone tells you that you have inspired in them a desire to be more positive and accepting rather than upset and victimized. Try it out and see what I mean.

Love and Light.


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