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Life is Short, Enjoy the Ride!

I noticed recently that working a great full time job, teaching my passion (yoga) five days a week, training for a half-marathon, and spending time with my beautiful friends has introduced a little bit of a hectic element to my life. I have begun to trapse back down that spooky dark corridor that I would prefer to refrain from coming close to... stress. I took a step back to think, "Why are you letting these fantastic aspects of your splendid life create a negative feeling inside you?" I realized that I was reverting temporarily to my old means of life management rather than appreciating this wonderful journey on which I have embarked.  I am so grateful to see this and feel enlightened at the fact that I can choose my reactions and reflect on the beauty of life and enjoy the ride rather than turn it into something negative by looking at it negatively, as stress. There is absolutely no reason to stress over anything EVER. Everything happens for a reason and it all works out in

S. Padre Surf for Labor Day

As a preface... I am one of those people who prefer to stay "blissfully ignorant" of world affairs, politics and current events because they are generally depressing and I would just rather be removed from having to worry about them.  I realize that that may be a naive way of looking at the world but I just personally tend to appreciate this ignorance. My world is all butterflies, flowers and lollipops and I prefer it this way for the time being. That being said, when Nathan invited me to go surfing with him in S. Padre last weekend because there was a "storm in the gulf creating some swells", I had absolutely no idea that it was in fact a pretty severe storm that was in the gulf.  I just find that to be pretty humorous that I had absolutely no idea. Christina said to me "I know you don't watch the news, but you should AT LEAST watch the Weather Channel" hehe Anyway, the surf was choppy! We missed the good clean waves on Saturday morning since we c