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Embrace Change

The last few weeks have been quite a whirlwind. The physical exhaustion of a full time job supplemented with weekends filled with yoga and the mental, spiritual and sometimes emotional exhaustion of tapping into our higher selves has been amazing.  The profundity of this whole experience has been the the learned ability to tap into something higher than just myself. With all of this exhaustion, comes the necessity for this new way of circumventing old habit patterns of stress reaction and leads to the ability to become aware of these and let them go. Since stress is not helpful to us and has been linked to physical disease, why not let it go since it does not serve us? This returns to the discussion that our reality is what we make of it. If you are not happy with your life, then be the change that you want NOW. I can personally attest to the positively radiant changes that can be made in your life, and you, when you make the decision to be happy. It IS that easy.

Life is so funny in the way it presents us with such an array of experiences and challenges which help us grow and create a better connection with our higher selves. Just another way that yoga is a metaphor for life. When we begin to become comfortable in our lives or asanas there is always the next step to challenge us and help us to continue to grow, which in turn, takes us one step closer to enlightenment. Sometimes these next steps are really uncomfortable and make us feel an array of emotions, some of which may be good while others may not serve us. The key is to realize that we have the amazing ability to really reflect on all of our experiences and let them teach us. Taking these lessons and actively understanding what their purpose may be in our lives at any given point, and later reflecting on how these experiences prepared us for the future is important. Being an active member in the progression of our own lives and working to become more aware of our true selves will only lead to happiness and understanding.

Yogis believe that the cause of all suffering is the illusion of separation. We are all one. We must have compassion for ourselves and everyone. Let go of judgements, criticism, and remember that we are incomparable and our own best friend.


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