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Become Aware and Go to Americas

I went to an amazing yoga class yesterday after work taught by one of my faves, Kim :)
As I arrived at the studio I realized that I had forgotten a hair-tie as well as my mat. As I began to experience what turned out to be about ten seconds of reaction, I realized that it was OK! I could practice with my hair down if nobody had an extra hair tie and I could definitely borrow a studio mat. These material things are not what make up our yoga practice, it is our mind, body and spirit. Mats are not even actually necessary for a practice so it is not at all a big deal to go without.

Sometimes it is good for us to experience these situations in order for us to revisit where we are in our daily lives and begin to create that space between our reactions and our emotions, that space is awareness. We become aware of our reaction patterns, noticing what comes up, and instead of letting these reactions become emotions that govern our behavior, we maybe just become aware of them.  Maybe we realize that the stimulus is really nothing to fret over, nothing to react to. So funny to me that a couple years ago I would have let this same situation put me into a bad mood or maybe even leave the studio because I felt that it was a big problem to have forgotten my mat, a travesty I tell you!! hehe... It is amazing to be able to start seeing the reaction patterns change, creating that awareness of how we react to stimuli and becoming a more even-keeled individual and being less stressed for it. Stress after all is a leading factor of disease and eliminating this unneccessary emotional reaction makes us happier and healthier so why not!?

Lately, I have been writing mostly about my yoga adventures and have left out some of my other passions. It is only natural since I am following my dream of becoming a yoga instructor and spreading the love and grace that is yoga with others, but I have also recently had a great restaurant experience which I would love to share. On Saturday I went to Americas in River Oaks with my friend. Even though we had reservations, we were not seated for nearly thirty minutes which was not a very big deal to me. I was enjoying the people watching, as always :)

Even though it was Houston Restaurant Weeks, I ordered a chicken dish off of the main menu. It was scrumptious!! It was excellently seasoned, tender, sitting atop a bed of avocado mousse, and topped with a chutney of apples, pineapple, and jalapeno. The delectable chicken was accompanied by a spicy organic quinoa and a few stalks of asparagus. We split a bottle of Argentinian Malbec which may not traditionally be paired with a chicken dish, but the spice of the dish complemented the depth of the wine quite well in my opinion.

My friend did order off the restaurant week menu and we were first served a black bean soup in a sourdough bread bowl topped with provolone... I was lucky enough for him to share with me. Then he had the steak that they are famous for which he ordered medium-rare and he raved about. It was accompanied by a plethora of grilled veggies which included some zucchini that he does not care for so I was able to have it! I was so happy since zucchini is one of my favorites!!

To finish the meal, we had tres leches, I cannot attest to the deliciousness of this dessert since I am not a big sweet eater and have not eaten tres leches before, but I did enjoy my one bite as much as a non-sweet eater could :) The decor is fun and modern and I enjoyed myself. In summary, I would recommend the restaurant!


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