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Embrace Change

The last few weeks have been quite a whirlwind. The physical exhaustion of a full time job supplemented with weekends filled with yoga and the mental, spiritual and sometimes emotional exhaustion of tapping into our higher selves has been amazing.  The profundity of this whole experience has been the the learned ability to tap into something higher than just myself. With all of this exhaustion, comes the necessity for this new way of circumventing old habit patterns of stress reaction and leads to the ability to become aware of these and let them go. Since stress is not helpful to us and has been linked to physical disease, why not let it go since it does not serve us? This returns to the discussion that our reality is what we make of it. If you are not happy with your life, then be the change that you want NOW. I can personally attest to the positively radiant changes that can be made in your life, and you, when you make the decision to be happy. It  IS  that easy. Life is so funny 

Become Aware and Go to Americas

I went to an amazing yoga class yesterday after work taught by one of my faves, Kim :) As I arrived at the studio I realized that I had forgotten a hair-tie as well as my mat. As I began to experience what turned out to be about ten seconds of reaction, I realized that it was OK! I could practice with my hair down if nobody had an extra hair tie and I could definitely borrow a studio mat. These material things are not what make up our yoga practice, it is our mind, body and spirit. Mats are not even actually necessary for a practice so it is not at all a big deal to go without. Sometimes it is good for us to experience these situations in order for us to revisit where we are in our daily lives and begin to create that space between our reactions and our emotions, that space is awareness. We become aware of our reaction patterns, noticing what comes up, and instead of letting these reactions become emotions that govern our behavior, we maybe just become aware of them.  Maybe we reali

Love and Light

What an amazingly beautiful world we all live in.... I could not be more grateful to the Universe for all of the blessings and gifts of which I have the pleasure of receiving every day. This week I taught two separate classes to small groups of  my friends in order to help find my footing and personal style as a vinyasa yoga instructor. I am so thankful to have so many friends who are willing to be my "guinea pigs" as I begin to explore my unique approach to facilitating yoga. I have to believe that if it feels so natural and beautiful to teach to my friends and peers, then it must be even more amazing to spread the light and love that is yoga to perfect strangers. Last weekend at our teacher training at JYC, we were lucky enough to have MCL come in to teach us some Emotional Freedom Techniques to release any fears that we had regarding teaching yoga (check out the website ).  I love that this tapping method allowed me to release any fears of r