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Cause You're Amazing Just the Way You Are

Being the last day of a 10 day yoga intensive immersion I am quite frankly exhausted, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. However, I can not help but actively reflect on all of the amazing things to which I have been introduced in the last ten days. Not only new topics, friendships, areas of study, concepts etc. but an intense array of reflections about myself, both good and maybe not so good. Moments ago, as I was relaxing in my bubble bath with an exquisite glass of Cantena Malbec, I had a revelation. I realized just how much society actually governs what we think we want. I feel that I have begun the process of transcendence past this "worldly material good" mind-set that I seem to have been wrapped up in for far too long, but there are so many other societally based projections with which we have been ingrained from birth. I realized that my last post about manifesting your reality only holds true if you can be satisfied with where you are now. If you are

Just Make a List of What You Would Like to Order from The Universe

Today was day 6 of the fabulous 10 day yoga immersion 2011 at Joy Yoga Center here in Houston.  I could not ask for a lovelier group of women with whom to share this amazing experience. Our phenomenal teacher and fearless leader Joy Winkler has such a fantastic and enlightening approach to yoga. It is not simply teaching poses here people! it is SO SO much more. More than I had ever thought or dreamed would have been included in my yoga teacher training. THANK YOU JOY! Yesterday was our marathon day where we spent 13 hours at the yoga studio. It was a fabulously enlightening day which ended with me performing my very first hands-on adjustments in a class. I feel my strength and confidence growing more and more every day. Such a great and fantastic thing to see such transformation in so many and in so many ways. If any of you have not seen "The Secret", please do so... NOW! It is so amazing when you are enlightened to the fact that our reality is what we make of it. What we

Catching Up

I have been quite busy for the last 2 months enjoying my "go-to" weaknesses. I bet you can guess what they are :) After graduation in May I spent a couple weeks indulging perhaps a little too much in my love for wine. Let's just say that it was a celebratory time. After six years at UST, I was ready to let loose!! My first week of June was spent practicing yoga and surfing in the amazing-ness that is Costa Rica.  I was fortunate enough to find the amazing Pura Vida Adventures in Mal Pais, CR. The owner Tierza Eichner was truly inspiring to me.  She just decided as she was there traveling almost a decade ago that she was going to start a girl's surf camp. Lucky for me that she did because the retreat brought me back to myself.  It is funny how sometimes we let life and society influence or dictate our goals and aspirations. I have known for a few years now what I want to do but Pura Vida and CR helped me realize that I was letting what everyone else wanted for me, or